The Swietokrzyska Tower is located in the heart of Warsaw, Poland, next to the main artery of the city center, on the corner of Marszalkowska and Swietokrzyska street. A 49-storey building of 50 thou square meter, 208 meters high is dedicated to office space and is a distinct contemporary accent over the substantially lower development. The Tower is situated on the exact axis of Marszalkowska street. The idea was create a point of reference, visible from a large distance.
The eye catching shape of the building was generated through rotating each floor by one degree. The construction is adjusted to the direction of sun movement and consists of two simple blocks revolving on one’s axes. The structure is based on bracing on the facade allowing to avoid structural columns inside of the building in order to get more office space and flexibility. We tried to minimize the southern facade which is most exposed to the sun. The western facade is also protected from the sun by outside blind system.
The building opens up to the street and is directly connected with ‘Swietokrzyska’ subway station by an independent entrance.

_Location: Warsaw, Poland
_Gross internal floor area: 50000 sqm
_Design Year: 2010
_Construction Year: -