Site which accommodates the designed building is situated in Warsaw`s Grochow area. It is a multifunctional district with various functions: industrial zones, multi family housing, recreational parks and sport facilities. The building is located on Kamionkowska street, among its specific mid-scale housing and office surroundings. The longer side is situated along the street with entrance from south. The access is tarmac coated and lit with town light infrastructure. The western side of the building is joined with 4 story high multifamily building with no cellars, whereas the eastern – with 3 story industrial building. Opposite to Kamionkowska street, multi family houses and office complex are located. Due to specific location, architectural and urban connotations of the area, the idea was to create a building which would fluently fill in with the surroundings. The designed building is in strict reference to industrial climate of this part of the city with nearby optic industries PZO, hosiery manufacture CORA, Wedel`s chocolate factory and ammunition plant POCISK.

_Location: Warsaw, Poland
_Gross internal floor area: 1200 sqm
_Design Year: 2007
_Construction Year: -