The cultural importance of the public library lies within the inherent power of the knowledge which it holds. This knowledge can be a significant life-altering force for the patrons of the library and furthermore within the larger community which it serves. The methods by which this information is contained and transmitted are continually evolving, yet the correlation between access to such information and issues such as upward social mobility and increased life opportunity are evident. The Daegu Gosan Public Library, like many libraries, stands as the physical manifestation of the concept of shared knowledge. As such, it is temple of knowledge, honoring the book as the foundation media of information communication, and making way for the new learning trends that result from the current digital movement. The library provides opportunities for intellectual trade and growth both analog and digital within the Suseong-gu community. Furthermore, it celebrates Daegu as a place rich with culture and an evolving demographic that places high value on the acquisition of knowledge.

_Location: Daegu, Korea
_Area: 3200 mk
_Year: 2012
_Architects: Łukasz Wawrzeńczyk, Frisly Colop Morales, Jason Easter, Adrian Yau